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Advertise with your own mark network that drives targeted traffic to your website.

Publish social marks to improve your site's visitor engagement and sales conversion.

Advenity Marks are targeted display ads that measurably improve website visitor engagement and sales conversions:

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Benefits for Advertisers
Generate Traffic
Your mark links to a certificate that links to your website, driving targeted traffic to your own website. Built-in analytics show you how much traffic you are receiving.
Control Your Brand
You can require that prospective publishers of your mark receive your approval before being granted licenses. Advenity allows you to grant and revoke publisher licenses in real time.
Reward Your Affiliates
Publishers of your mark can measure how visually representing their affiliation with you increases their own engagement and conversion rates.
Monthly Reports
Receive monthly email reports detailing the targeted traffic that you have received thanks to your private social mark network.
Scale Confidently
Built-in mark hosting enables you to scale your private social mark network robustly up to hundreds of publishers at no bandwidth or server cost to you.
Deter Piracy
Certificate verification of publisher domains, as well as integrated date stamping, deter piracy of your marks by unapproved websites.
Free Tech Support
Advenity offers free email and telephone tech support.
Benefits for Publishers
Increase Sales and Engagement
Advenity Marks help you to establish rapport with your visitors by assuring them that you are trustworthy, have respected business relationships, and are the type of site with which they want to associate. That rapport in turn helps to increase sales and retain customers who might otherwise go to competitors. Advenity automatically tracks and reports to you how the marks you display are improving your sales conversions and visitor engagement.
No Site Slowdowns
Advenity includes robust non-blocking support so that there will be no slowdowns for your site due to use of a mark.
Customizable Appearance
Customize the size, transparency, and colors of each mark you display for elegant visual integration with your site.
Secure and Private
Advenity uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to maintain high standards of security, and supports seamless SSL transitions on publisher sites. Advenity also protects your site's privacy policy by not sharing individual visitor data with advertisers whose marks you display.
Single-Click Blog Installation
Advenity offers single click installation of marks on the Blogger and TypePad platforms, and is fully compatible with WordPress and other popular blogging services.

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